Indalo Bowling Club

The New Teamup Calendar

Download the new calendar app

You can download the new calendar app {Teamup) to your tablet or mobile so that it is always on hand. 

Download the apple version here from the App Store:

Download the Android version here from Google Play:

Once downloaded you will be asked for a calendar key in order to see our calendar. Copy and paste the following code into the key space shown:

If you have problems with setting up the app, please keep this email and bring your phone or tablet to the club for help.

Using the calendar

Choosing your calendar

On the website or on a tablet used horizontally you should be able to see the choice of calendars on the left. On a mobile or a tablet used vertically you may need to click on the chevrons top left to see the selection. 

The selected colours show as bright and the deselected ones are faded. On the website the calendar defaults to Indalo and CAA. On the app, to see the calendar as you are used to seeing it (Indalo and CAA), make sure those two are highlighted and the rest are faded. To add others to your view just click the ones you want.

To see any one calendar at a time, click the small eye to the right of the calendar name.

Choosing your view 

On a laptop the different views are shown along the top. On tablets, use the dropdown list top right to see the different views (day, week, month, etc). On mobiles the views are above the calendar choices on the left.


On the website calendar, click the blue settings box on the right and you see Notifications. Here you can ask to be notified by email of any changes to any calendar. Your choice of options.


Printing can be done from a laptop or desktop. Select the calendars you want to print. Select the view you want. Click the blue settings button (top right) and select PDF Print. Select your printing options.